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If you look throughout the internet, chances are you will be able to find all sorts of contact numbers. While there are some that will be easy to locate, there are others that won’t be so easy to find. Additionally, some of the information available may actually be outdated. Here at Global CCF, we work hard to offer contact numbers that are up-to-date for many different types of businesses throughout the United Kingdom. Additionally, we also work to provide information related to alternative contact methods for these same businesses whenever it is available to do so. In the end, our overall goal is to help you establish contact with customer service representatives so that you can obtain solutions for your issues in a timely manner.


Thousands Of Companies

GlobalCCF has an extensive database of UK companies making it your one stop contact number directory.


Accurate Information

The GlobalCCF team are constantly updating company contact information to make sure we provide you will accurate data.


Verified Addresses

If you prefer to write a letter to a company instead of making a phone call then make use of our extensive contact information.


Opening Times

We list opening times for hundreds of companies so you know when exactly to call their customer service department.


There are many individuals who have talk about how stressful it can be trying to find a contact number online; however, there are also others who haven’t really discussed why this information is so hard to find sometimes. Perhaps the biggest reason is that businesses have stated that there is a cost associated with providing customer support over the phone. This means that the more calls a business receives, the more people that the business itself has to employ, and when the business chooses to provide alternative contact methods such as email or social media, customers will be able to use a more convenient means of contact rather than the phone.

Even though some of the more convenient alternative contact methods may be great, many people still prefer speaking to a live customer service representative over the phone because it’s not only easier to get your point across, but it’s also much easier to understand the answer to an issue. Additionally, company websites also have help areas that provide great information for common issues that people tend to experience; however, for issues regarding your account that involve more personal details, it’s highly recommended that you contact the company by phone.



Newer contact methods, such as social media, are also causing concerns with many individuals in regards to safety, especially when it comes to sharing personal information. Additionally, not all companies have initiated the option of providing assistance to customers via social media due to the fact that there is always the risk of personal information being exposed. In the event that you need to disclose any information of this kind, it is best to contact the company by phone and discuss the issue with them in this manner.

Customer service teams are always on hand to provide assistance in many different manners, regardless of what the issue that is being experienced may be. Additionally, information is also provided for governmental agencies. Regardless of the issue, customer service exists to provide you with assistance whenever you require it.